Terekhol, which is situated approx 50 nautical miles south of Devgad, is a wild, beautiful, unspoiled and completely un-commercialised region in Goa. The Terekhol Fort is situated on the northern bank of the Terekhol river and was built by the Raja of Sawanwadi. It was captured by the Portuguese 1746. Terekhol Fort was a key Portuguese fort for the defence of Goa, situated on the north side of the estuary of the Terekhol river, the northern most boundary of Goa. In the middle of the fort is the church with a Goan façade. The fort presently houses a tourist hotel “Hotel Tiracol Fort Heritage”. The tranquility of the place is accentuated by the confluence of the serene sea and the river. The area surrounding the fort are very picturesque and you could stop for a swim on the deserted Querim Beach.