Panjim (Goa)

Panjim which means “the land that does not flood” is the state capital of Goa and is approx 20 miles south of Terekhol. Unlike many capital cities, Panjim has a distinct unhurried character. It is situated on the southern banks of the Mandovi River, which makes this town all the more charming. Typical of a Goan town, Panjim is built around a church facing a prominent square. The town has some beautiful Portuguese Baroque style buildings and enchanting old villas. The riverside, speckled with brightly whitewashed houses with wrought iron balconies, offers a fine view. Take any mid sized Portuguese town add a sprinkling of banana trees and auto-rickshaws, drench annually with torrential tropical rain, and leave to simmer in fierce humid sunshine for at least one hundred and fifty years, and one will end up with something like Panjim. The Goan capital has a completely different feel from any other Indian city. From Panjim one can visit many of the famous restaurants and night clubs in the North of Goa, which have made Goa the Ibiza of the East.