Approx. 60 nautical miles south of Mumbai or 22 miles south of Murud Janjira, the fort of Himmatgad, now popularly known as Bankot (from the name of nearby village) is a very beautiful fort dotting the coastline of the Konkan strip. Bankot is not a destination thronged by the tourists but there is no denying that Bankot is a very beautiful fort and surely worth a visit. Bankot, the base village, is a well to do township with a predominantly Muslim population.Cruise up the Savitri River in the tender. Some of the sights to see here are the Bankot fort, and the Olive Riddle Turtle breeding beach at Velas village. The beach of Velas is a nice haven for breeding of these endangered species and once can really have a close look at these beautiful little creatures and learn more about them. One can also have a pleasant cruise up the very picturesque Savitri river.